Shad Case Accessories

A wide range of Case Accessories of great quality and high performance.

SHAD offers a wide range of backrests developed for different models of cases, allowing the passenger to travel more comfortably.
SHAD offers 3 break lights compatible with different case models. Thus, all cases can incorporate a break light. They are easy to install, as they can be directly coupled on to the lower part of the rack.
An innovative system developed by SHAD allowing to change the colour of any case cover at any given moment, or to add colour to a case that didn't have any.
The new inner bag is the perfect accessory when you need to carry extra load safely and comfortably. It complements the top case and can be adapted to several top and side cases. It is made in high quality materials. It is perfect to carry whatever you need in the most comfortable way. The inner bag makes carrying your belongings easier, as you can put everything inside it and then just take it out and carry it anywhere you need. It has a zipper and a front pocket, a side handle and a shoulder strap to carry it.
SHAD offers a new upper rack, which allow you to increase the capacity of your SHAD top case, when you need to carry an extra load. The new rack is adaptable to different top cases and it is very easy and quick to mount it. Besides, it guarantees the complete stability of the load, with specific tabs for elastic cords and bags, in order to ensure and fix the load.