Shad Sh36 Side Cases (pair) - Black-carbon - Pannier - Requires Model Specific 3P Fitting Kit

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Shad SH36 Side Cases

Side cases with capacity for a modular helmet size XXL

New Side Cases SHAD SH36. The SH36 stand out for their innovative design and functional, its great capacity for a modular helmet size XXL and light weight compared to other panniers.
Their innovative shapes set trends and offer an elegant, sophisticated and innovative design, which remarks the aerodynamic line and aesthetic details. One of the most important features of the new SH36 is the new side fitting kit, 3P System, which is characterized by its integrated and lightweight design.

  • Designed in Barcelona
  • Capacity: 1 Modular Helmet size XXL
  • Maximum Load 10kg
  • 3P System Fitting better integrated and lighter
  • Less weight than other panniers
  • Aerodynamic
  • Inner Tray
  • Impact Resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Accessory Inner Bag
  • Width: 49 / Height: 38 / Depth: 33


The jury of the Red Dot Design Award, which this year celebrates its 60th edition, had to analyze nearly 5,000 nominations from various industries from over 50 countries. Only those products which have convinced its members for its advanced design and power of innovation have earned the right to the coveted Red Dot seal.

At NAD SL we firmly believe that continuous improvement and the pursuit of excellence is the way forward to continue creating unique and quality products. In 2015, this determination has led us to win the Red Dot Award for the design of new sidecases SH36. We feel very proud and want to thank and share this award with all those who with your daily hard work have made SHAD become a leader in the industry.

Among the Red Dot Award winners in previous editions, we find very prestigious products in their fields, such as different models of Audi and BMW, Jacob Jensen, Nespresso, LG, HP, Monster, the Yamaha MT09... For more information about the Award and Red Dot Organization, visit

Engineered for Riding


Capacity is one of the features that make this new side case absolutely different. Despite its compact design, we have optimized the volume maximizing space. This way, we meet one of the most popular wishes for our customers, allowing for a modular helmet size XXL.

But back to our engineers, they would not let this affect the behavior of the suitcase up and at full load. That is why they have developed a completely new Structural Framework. This framework makes this case waterproof. It includes a double profile and a pyramidal rubber edging within, thus becoming a maze for water, which is directed to the base, where the gutter efficiently drains it. In addition, the structural framework increases rigidity, allowing optimization of the materials used. As a result, the SH36 is the lightest of its market segment.


One of SHAD's most important innovations. The new 3P System side kit has been specifically created for this occasion, and while developing it, not only aesthetics were in mind. The key point to be considered was safety.

• Integrated Design: The 3P kit is much better integrated with the bike. The typical rectangular frame is reduced to a single arm which supports the three points (3P) needed to fix the side case.
• Position: Both the volume of the case and the angle of the 3P System have been designed to shift the luggage's weight as much as possible towards the bike's center of gravity. This grants higher security and stability when driving with full load.
• Aerodynamic: The use of 3 points confers firmness and flexibility at the same time. This is reflected on a slight swinging of the case, which lets the air to flow easily around it, avoiding the “anchor” effect of a typical flat and rigid case. Again, this results in better security and stability in motion.
• Patent Pending: The uniqueness and innovation of the new 3P System allowed us to proceed with the patent registration. This makes us the only manufacturer that can offer this kind of fitting system.

Shipping Weight: 9.14kg
Shipping Length: '79,5 'cm
Shipping Width: 51 cm
Shipping Height: 35 cm

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