Shad SH58X Expandable 58 Litre Top Box

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All Shad top boxes include a fitting place which allows you to mount the box onto an existing carrier/rack. If you do not have a carrier you can find the Shad carrier for your bike here.



Design, Technology and Experience come together to achieve the only adjustable case up to 58 liters. Compatible with all SHAD Top Master fitting kits, this top case is easily adjusted to the most motorcycles and multiple uses, from day to day in the city until the adventure trip we've always dreamed of.

Spanish luggage experts Shad have done it again. We've all seen expandable soft luggage, but Shad have applied that principle to their innovative new expandable top case - yes, hard luggage that can be expanded to increase its capacity!

The SW58X is the solution for those who want a top case for more than one purpose, but don't want the expense or hassle of buying additional luggage.

So what does it do?
Open the lid and there are a couple of small levers inside that you use to unlock the extending part of the case and reset it into one of three positions.
This simple yet innovative solution has been patented by Shad and allows the SH58X top case to be expanded from 46 litres, to 52 litres and up to a maximum of 58 litres of capacity. In fact if you go for the SH59X option with alternative lid, there is an extra litre to be had too!

So if your daily commute requires just a basic amount of storage, you can ride with the more compact box on the back of your bike.
Come the weekend however and it takes just seconds to expand the case to accommodate the extra luggage you'll need for a few days away from home.

Of course the same principal can be applied when going shopping, carrying an extra crash helmet for a pillion, and so much more. This product really is so adaptable and will suit the needs of many riders of today.

As with all Shad top boxes a fitting plate is included which allows you to mount the box onto an existing carrier/rack, the construction is robust, the design aesthetically appealing, and when purchased from an official UK dealer (see )it comes complete with the UK backed TWO-YEAR WARRANTY.



The versatility of this new design provides solutions to a wide variety of interests, offering a large range of capacities.

L – From your early mornings until your late nights
In its most compact mode (L), this case offers a volume of 46L, which allows to transport the things needed for every day. In this position, aerodynamics and the motorcycle-case set become the priority.

XL – For your non-stop getaways
In the second level (XL) it reaches 52L, which are very helpful for those short weekend trips, storing 2 full-face helmets. We achieve an optimal balance between capacity and dynamics performance.

XXL – Conquer your next adventure
Finally, when the case its completely expanded (XXL), the volume reaches the 58L, enough to bring anything you need to that amazing adventure you have been dreaming about for so long.


With the new expandable top case, you will be able to do what is truly important

Both in its more tarmac version, the SH58X or the most trail, the SH59X, the luggage will be always safe and easily accessible, without having to add or remove the useful elastic straps. If you need ever more space, combined it with SHAD side cases, tank bags, etc. Back home, you will not have to quit the best dynamic behavior of your bike. Switch between the different positions of the top case in just seconds, getting a great capacity for your day to day, but at the same time in a very compact and aerodynamic way.



The ultimate objective of SHAD was to develop a new concept of expandable top case, whose interior volume can be extended at the user's will.

The technical challenges that we considered were:

1.-A maximum capacity for 2 Enduro helmets. Currently it does not exist any other aftermarket top case with these features and adaptable to a large number of motorcycle models.

2.- Design a multiple adjustable system, with at least 3 selectable positions and very easy to manage, being able to choose 3 different capacities without effort, in a few seconds.

3.- Maximize product durability. In other adjustable models available in the market, the lock system extends and contracts in solidarity with the top case, so the mechanism supports a greater wear. In SHAD we have designed a locking that does not swing with the cover, but is located in a fixed point of the structure. With this innovation, a more efficient and durable product is achieved for the end user.

4.-Achieve high dynamic performance, optimizing weight and aerodynamics in any of the three volumes. The new Expandable case uses a structural frame, as the one developed for SH36 side cases, which guarantees high rigidity while minimizing the weight of the set. In addition, a significant reduction in the complexity of the regulation mechanism also contributes to this reduction in weight.
As a result, the case is the lightest in its category, greatly improving the driving of the motorcycle.

This serie of innovations has allowed us to patent the new Expandable SH59X and SH58X cases, making them unique and exclusive in the market.