Shad SH33. New 33 litre Top Box

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All Shad top boxes include a fitting place which allows you to mount the box onto an existing carrier/rack. If you do not have a carrier you can find the Shad carrier for your bike here.

New Shad SH33 Top Box

High quality 33 litre top box suitbale for scooters and small motorcycles. Includes universal fitting plate.

  • Passenger Comfort Upgrade: rib between hinges has been eliminated.
  • Better ergonomic handle
  • Reinforcement of the fitting mechanism between case and rack
  • Lock sold separately as spare part
  • Antitheft Protection. Metal axis with no holes & Reduced gap between lid and hook
  • Color cover changed to avoid using frontal screw
  • Improved design: SHAD sticker replaces oval sticker

Designed in Barcelona by Spanish motorcycle and scooter luggage experts Shad, the all-new SH33 top case is the perfect size for those riders looking for a little extra luggage space without overloading their machine.

The new SH33 is a compact and practical case (or top box if you are from that era!) with capacity for a full-face helmet and a few other bits like gloves. Using a heavy-duty modern impact resistant plastic construction, the case is lightweight yet robust, and the redesigned fitting mechanism between case and rack has been re-enforced to make it even more secure than before. The metal anti-theft clasp has a reduced gap between the lid and hook, yet the simple press lock system is easy to operate with one hand, making the loading and closing of the box a simple task. A single key secures both the lid to the box, and the box to the mounting plating on your scooter/ bike's luggage rack. The single mechanism also makes it simple to unlock, remove and carry the box complete upon arrival at your location – a solution that will no doubt please many riders today. So if for example you don't want to unpack at the roadside, the SH33 is the perfect size for keeping under your desk or on top of your locker after your morning commute!

As you'd expect, the SH33 boasts a waterproof sealing system and passenger comfort has also been enhanced with the box redesigned around the hinge with this in mind.

The new SH33 measures 43cm wide, 31cm high and 42 cm deep with a maximum design load of 3kg. As with all Shad top boxes/cases, the new SH33 comes with a fitting plate and screw set to mount the case on its fitting or directly onto the motorcycle or scooter.

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